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Muslim Advice
Muslim Advice

SA Hajj quota re-instated as stricter accreditation process outlined

Cape Town - The South African Hajj Quota for 2017 has seen a reinstatement of the 20% that was reduced in 1433H, the South Atfrican Hajj and Umrah Council (SAHUC) says.
"We hereby inform the Muslim Community of South Africa, that in its meeting with the Ministry of Hajj today, 22nd January 2017, that it has officially been notified of the 20 % re-instatement of the Quota
"We are pleased to advise that the official quota for Hajj 1438, is 2 500. During our deliberations, the SAHUC Protocol team further requested for an increase in the quota in excess of the 2 500.
Further increase in quota on the cards
It says the Ministry advised that they will consider the request going forward.
Added to this Hassan Choonara, Secretary General for SAHUC says the council is continuously striving to serve the interest of the community better, "guided by the policies of the Ministry of Hajj in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia".
Choonra says a history of a high rate of cancellations has preciously resulted in an unfair opportunity for late accredited hujjaaj.
Tackling high rate of cancellations
This also puts a strain on the process to meet deadlines of furnishing information to the relevant role players in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," says Choonra, who confirmed that with the conclusion of Hajj 1437, the registration list has gone through an external audit.
"As we endeavour to streamline the process, the first list was released on 10th January 2017. Accreditation needs to be accepted or transferred by the 31st January 2017.
"If not, it will result in a cancellation by SAHUC with a penalty of 30 points," says Choonra.
Choonra advised that the early release of the accreditation process will help prospective Hujjaaj to adequately plan for their upcoming Hajj. It also allows applicants to decline accreditation and transfer their applications giving others in the queue an opportunity to be accredited, he says.
The SAHUC has outlined the procedure as follows by the SAHUC:
- Release date will be 10th January 2017 and final acceptance date shall be 31st January 2017. No exceptions will be entertained.
- Payment for accreditation has been set at ZAR 1430.00 for Hajj 1438H. Any applicant who paid a fee last year and did not request a refund will pay the additional top up of ZAR 130.00. They must also provide the required proof of payment for their accreditation last year.
- Choosing an operator will take place after the Hajj Operator Accreditation process is complete. Final choice of an Operator shall be 28 February 2017. No extensions will be given. Any Hajji not linked to an Accredited Hajj Operator by that date will have their accreditation revoked and a penalty of 30 points will be deducted from their score.
- All accredited hujjaaj will be notified by way of SMS message of their accreditation for Hajj 1438H.
- All queries will be centralised through
Choonra says, "We are confident that this enhancement will give an opportunity for better preparation spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. We sincerely request accredited hujjaaj to act responsibly by abiding to the process. Please feel free to contact any of our offices for any assistance."


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