What to do to sleep less?

What to do to sleep less?

What do you need:
To realize how much time of your life you spend sleeping
To realize what can you do with 3 more hours a day
To realize that what you need is more energy, not more sleep time
A bed

Step 1: To optimize sleeping time:
You need to have the most natural light you can get.
You can start by leting your sunglasses at home, opening the windows as soon as you wake up and if you spend to much time indors, buy a daylight lamp, the ones that people with Seasonal Affective Dissorder use.

Step 2: The not so fun part:
Drink 2 lt. water a day. This way the body use less effort to make what the body do during the night. But dont drink or eat two hours before going to bed, so the body can rest without worrying about digestion. Also (told you this was the not so fun part) avoid coffe and alcohol. If you find life without coffe and alcohol and with 3 or 4 more hours a day is worth living, keep reading.

Step 3: optional stuff:
30 minute phisical activity a day make you sleep better and have more energy. Also, if you can get a 15 minute nap, you can save easily 2 hours night sleep for each 15 minutes' nap.

Step 4: the almost more important thing:
there is not such a thing as recover the sleep during the weekend. Every day should have the same schedule for the sistem to work.

Step 5: the most important thing:
To wake up as good as you can with the less sleeping time, you nees to find the exact moment when a sleep cycle ends. If you wake up in the midle of a cycle, you feel dizzy and tired. To detect this precise time, try wake up 10 minutes early than usual. If you feel tired, try 10 minutes EARLIER.