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Uzbekistan to ask Saudi Arabia to increase Umrah quota
Uzbekistan: Is Hike in Mecca Pilgrimage Quota Another Sign of Thaw?
UZBEKISTAN: Over 160 year wait to go on haj pilgrimage?
Iran pilgrims to join this year's Hajj: Saudi Arabia
Iraq’s hajj quota to increase by 2,200 next year
Pakistan urges Saudi govt to increase its Hajj quota
Haj quota for Pakistan increased
Bangladesh Haj quota reduction may continue for next year
30,000 Bangladeshis to miss Hajj this year due to quota restriction
Number of Hajj pilgrims from Azerbaijan to exceed quota this year
Malaysia’s haj quota for this year back to 27,800, says Jamil Khir
Malaysia's haj quota restored to 30,200 pilgrims this year
Haj quota for pilgrims restored to 27,900 this year, says Tabung Haji
Malaysia’s Haj quota is 30,200 this year
There Are 17,000 South African Muslims Still Waiting To Attend Hajj
SA Hajj quota re-instated as stricter accreditation process outlined
India gets quota of 136,020 pilgrims for Haj
Saudi Arabia rolls out 'biggest increase' in India's Haj quota, hikes it by 34,500
Indonesia says Saudi Arabia increased its Hajj quota
Indonesia: Saudi Arabia agrees to increase Hajj quota
Saudi Arabia approves additional haj quota
Haj quota increases ruled out by Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia increases India's annual Haj quota to 1.70 lakh
Indonesia would welcome bigger haj quota
Saudi Arabia allocates Indonesia haj quota of 221,000 per year
Saudi Arabia to increase Hajj quotas for first time in five year
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