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Muslim Advice
Muslim Advice

Umrah packages by H.Mujaddedia hajj travels& tours

Our Umrah packages are available to our clients throughout the Umrah season, including the month of Ramadhan. Our services include airline reservation, hotel reservation, visa processing with the Saudi Consulate, meet and assist in Saudi Arabia, ground transportation in Saudi Arabia and tours to religious and historical sites in Makkah and Madinah. Our Umrah packages range from the economical to the most comfortable. Besides the published Umrah packages, we provide customized package for individuals and families as well as private groups and organizations. Umrah is a pilgrimage to Mecca located in Saudi Arabia. Muslims can perform Umrah at any time in the year apart from 9th and 13th of Dul Hajj. In Umrah the pilgrim performs a number of acts. By these acts the pilgrims also show companionship with Muslims around the world.We have designed our Umrah packages very carefully so that it can be comfortable and a memorable spiritual journey as a whole for you.
Umrah Packages
Umrah Package – 14 days
1. 7 Days in Mecca
2. 5 days in Medina
3. MOFA permission letter.
4. Hotel bookings-Price based on availability of Hotels
5. Umrah Visa Processing
6. Necessary training for umrah will be provided before departure.
Travel Dates
Umrah Packages available date are from April 1 – April 30,2016
Umrah Packages available date are from May 1 – June 7,2016
Umrah Package Include:
1. Accommodation in Mecca: 3 Star Hotel, 600-800 Meters to Haram Sharif; 3-4 bed in a room
2. Accommodation in Medina: 4 Star Hotel, 200-300 Meters to Medina Sharif;3-4 bed in a room
3. Travel by any airlines due to availability of tickets.
4. Meet and Assist.
Umrah Packages Cost:
BDT 1,10,000/Person; traveling from April 1 – April 30,2016
BDT 1,20,000/Person; traveling from May 1 – June 7,2016
Terms & Conditions
1. Deposit of BDT 55000/person at time of booking to reserve hotel and start the visa process.
2. Full payment must be clear prior to confirm the ticket.
3. Unused visas are subject to non refundable.
4. All package prices are based on availability. Hotel prices are subject to change without prior notice.
5. If you like to hire a private car to travel from Jeddah – Macca ; Macca – Madinah and Madinah to Jeddah with Ziarat Macca and Madinah additional BDT 15000 will be charged for each person.
6. The other terms and condition follows as usual to the company policy.
Umrah Packages Documents Required
1. Valid passport for at least six months with 4 empty pages.
2. Four passport size photos (white back ground).
3. Any supporting documents required by the Saudi Embassy must be notarized.
4. Females over 45 traveling without a Mahram must have notarized letter of no objection.
5. Females of any age traveling with a Mahram must have proof of relation.
6. Females under 45 may not travel without a Mahram.
Going for Umrah with our Umrah packages or for the yearly tour of Hajj is a golden chance and pilgrims should be thankful to Allah who gives them a beautiful chance of worshiping around the Kaaba. They must show their thanks to Allah Almighty by being kind to their fellow human beings and live a moral life without cheating anyone. After returning from the holy land of Mecca the followers of Islam are also urged to keep their mind and soul emotionally involved to Allah Almighty, remembering Him in everything they do.
To know more about performing Umrah please visit here
Note: the above rate for our Umrah packages can be change with international currency without prior notice.
Kindly contact our Managing Director Alhajj Ayesha Chowdhury at +8801715496339 or send her email at
if you want to know more about our Umrah Packages or if you want to sign up with us.


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