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Muslim Advice
Muslim Advice

Wuquf in Arafat

Article 257
The second act of obligatory acts of Hajj is Wuquf in Arafat. “Arafat” is a desert about 20 km from Mecca which has became semi-treed today and it is obligatory for Hajjis to say the noon of the ninth day of Dhu’l-Hijjah in that place.
Article 258
It is a precaution to remain from the beginning of noon of the ninth day until the sunset in Arafat, afoot or ride, moving or sitting, awake or partly sleep, and it is Mustahab to pray and observe the pure essence of Allah and asking forgiveness from him in that time, The superiority of praying in this place and time is unequaled
Article 259
Wuquf in Arafat is worship and should be performed with intention of closeness to Allah, and its intention has no specific statement and having the intention of performing that in the heart is enough.
Article 260
If a person leaves Arafat before sunset, and if it is because of forgetfulness or ignorance about the matter, then there is nothing on him, but if has done this deliberately, then this person should sacrifice a camel in Mena (and if he/she cannot sacrifice a camel, then he/she should perform eighteen days of fasting) and his/her Hajj is correct.
Article 261
Whenever a person returns to Arafat before the sunset and stay until sunset in there and then leaves the place, there is no atonement on him in this case.
Article 262
Although staying in Arafat is obligatory all the time as has been mentioned before, renouncing it is a sin, but it is not one of essentials of Hajj, and the pillar is staying for a while in there. It means that if a person stays a part of the time from noon until sunset in Arafat, then his/her Hajj is correct, but if he/she stays away the whole time then the Hajj is invalidated.
Article 263
It is obligatory for a person who has not been successful in completing Wuquf in Arafat from noon until sunset, to stay there for some time in the night of Eid. Therefore, when a pilgrim reaches Arafat when people have left there, he/she should stay a part of the night in there on the condition that he/she can reach Mash’ar al-Haraam before the dawn of the day of Eid and this is called “Emergency Wuquf of Arafat”. However if this person couldn’t stay a part of night in Arafat, it is enough for him/her to perceive Wuquf a part of Wuquf in Mash’ar al-Haraam, which will be mentioned later, and his/her Hajj is correct in this way.


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