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Muslim Advice
Muslim Advice


Article 243
Fifth obligatory act of Umrah is Taqsir, which means cutting the hair of the head or the face (beard or mustache) and cutting a part of the nail, and it is enough to cut the hair of the head or the face and forgo cutting the nail, but it is a precaution not to suffice cutting the nail solely.
Article 244
Cutting the hair of the head or the face can be performed with any tool, but tweezing is not enough.
Article 245
Taqsir is part of worship and should be performed with the intention and for closeness to Allah.
Article 246
There is no specific place for Taqsir in Umrah al-Tamattu’, therefore the pilgrim can perform Taqsir in Marwah after completing the Sa’y or do it after returning home, and also there is no difference between cutting the hair by the pilgrim himself/herself or asking someone else to do.
Article 247
Shaving the head instead of cutting the hair is not permitted in “Umrah al-Tamattu’”, and if this act has been performed deliberately in the month of Dhu’l-Qa’dah or after that, then the atonement is one sheep, but it has not been performed deliberately then there is no atonement for that.
Article 248
After a Muhrim comes out of Ihram after performing Taqsir in “Umrah al-Tamattu’” all Haraam act of Muhrim becomes Halaal for the person, except hunting which is still Haraam for that person, because hunting of Haram is Haraam for everyone.
Article 249
Whenever a pilgrim forgets to perform Taqsir and goes for Hajj (it means that wears Ihram and goes to Arafat) his/her Umrah and Hajj is correct and there is no compensation, but it is better to pay the atonement of one sheep.
Article 250
If a person does not perform Taqsir deliberately and goes for the rituals of Hajj, his/her Umrah is invalidated and his/her Hajj converts to Ifrad, then he/she should complete the Hajj and it is obligatory precaution to perform Umrah al-Mufradah after the Hajj and his/her Hajj is correct, although it is Mustahab for him/her to perform Hajj again in the next year.
Article 251
If a person does not perform Taqsir because of ignorance about the matter, then his/her ruling is similar to renouncing deliberately.
Article 252
Tawaf of Nisa’ is not obligatory in Umrah al-Tamattu’, even there is no necessity for performing Tawaf of Nisa’ with the intention of Rija’ (hoping for the goodness of the act).


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