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Muslim Advice
Muslim Advice

Reducing or Increasing Tawaf

Article 199
Whenever a pilgrim reduces the number of Tawaf deliberately and sequence passes then Tawaf is invalidated and Tawaf should be performed again, but if he/she compensates that amount before passing the sequence then Tawaf is correct; and it is possible to stop Mustahab or obligatory Tawaf and start it again from the beginning.
Article 200
Whenever a pilgrim performs Tawaf more than seven rounds deliberately then Tawaf is invalidated, even if he/she had the intention of doing this from the beginning or makes the intention of adding something after that, and even this amount is one round or more or less, but if this added distance has been included without the intention of Tawaf, for example going the first round with crowds in order to be familiar with Tawaf and start it from al-Hajar Al-Aswad, then this act has no problem.
Also there is no problem if the pilgrim cannot leave the place because of congestion of people after completing Tawaf and walk a distance with crowd without the intention of Tawaf.
Article 201
Whenever a pilgrim performs Tawaf more than seven rounds involuntarily, if the added amount is less than one round then he/she stops that and Tawaf is correct, and if this is one round or more then obligatory precaution is to add next round to it until completing another seven round with the in intention of closeness to Allah, and then this pilgrim performs two Rak’ats prayer of obligatory Tawaf and then performs another two Rak’ats prayer for Mustahab Tawaf after Sa’y (when Sa’y is obligatory). It is necessary to define that first one is obligatory and the other is Mustahab, it is enough to perform that with the intention of closeness to Allah.
Article 202
“Qiran” in Tawaf (that means performing two Tawafs one after the other without performing the prayer of Tawaf between them) is Haraam in obligatory Tawaf, but the first Tawaf is not invalidated, unless he/she had the intention such an act from the beginning that in this case the correctness of Tawaf is not free of problem; but Qiran in Mustahab Tawaf is Makrooh, but it is not Haraam or invalidated.
Article 203
Whenever a pilgrim reduces an amount from Tawaf involuntarily then he/she should act as in article 197.


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