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Muslim Advice
Muslim Advice

Importance of Ramadan

Ramadan is one of the most important festivals on Islam and is celebrated at the end of the month long fasting during the month of the same name. It is celebrated with new clothes, typical foods, visits to friends and families and a large party given by the community where everybody mingles happily together. This is the day of forgetting past grievances and sins and make a new beginning.

Ramadan 2017 is on June 26 Monday
The importance of Ramadan
There are five main duties of a devout Muslim. One of them is to observe a month long fasting during the month of Ramadan. This is the ninth lunar month of the Islamic calendar. During this month, adult Muslims do not eat or drink anything from sundown. They do not take tobacco or alcohol and refrain from sexual relations and some form of swearing. They offer prayers every day and recite the Quran. Only people who are old, sick, travelling, pregnant, breastfeeding or going through the menstrual cycle are exempt from fasting.
According to religious beliefs, the holy book of the Muslims came down from Allah during this time and so the entire creation praised him. The Prophet Muhammad declared this day to be a time to celebrate the brotherhood of man. The end of this month long fasting is marked by Ramadan. This is a day of celebration when all sins are forgiven.

When is Ramadan?
Ramadan is celebrated after the month long fasting of the Muslims is over. The fasting is held in the ninth lunar month. So, Ramadan falls on the first day of the tenth lunar month of Muslim calendar. The exact timing depends on the visual sighting of the moon at the local area. For this reason, Ramadan may be held on different days in different regions of the earth.
Other names of Ramadan
Ramadan is also known as Ramadan after the name of the ninth month when the fasting is observed. It is also known as Id-ul-fitr as fitr comes from “fatar” meaning breaking of the fast. It is also called as Ramzan in some parts of the world.
How is Ramadan celebrated?
Muslims all over India celebrate Ramadan with enthusiasm. The festival is especially popular in Muslim dominated areas like Hyderabad, Secunderabad, and Lucknow etc. It has been declared to be a public holiday in India. The common rituals associated with Ramadan are as follows:
• The markets are full to bursting during this time as Muslims buy new clothes for everyone. These are worn on the day of Id and are also given as presents.
• A special dish is prepared with milk and dates called 'shir khurma'.
• People bathe, put on new clothes, eat sweets and go to the mosque for special prayers.
• Giving alms is mandatory on this day as it is believed that he who does not give alms on this day will not go to heaven.
• After the prayer and recitation of the scriptures by the Qazi, people meet with each other, visit friends and relatives and give feasts. Social gatherings called Iftar parties are held during this time.
• People also visit cemeteries to honor their ancestors.
Ramadan festival dates between 2014 & 2024
Year Date
2014 Tuesday, 29th of July
2015 Saturday, 18th of July
2016 Thursday, 7th of July
2017 Monday, 26th of June
2018 Friday, 15th of June
2019 Wednesday, 5th of June
2020 Sunday, 24th of May
2021 Thursday, 13th of May
2022 Tuesday, 3rd of May
2023 Saturday, 22nd of April
2024 Wednesday, 10th of April


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